Towards 2020, GWP China has accomplished the rational allocation and efficient utilization and protection of water resources and promoted the sustainable utilization of water resources and resources- saving and harmonious environment through facilitating the implementation of SDG water related goals and the IWRM.

In the past years, the GWP China, while strictly being abided by the relevant laws and regulations of China, guided by the relevant governmental agencies and on the basis of the country's conditions and the situation over the integrated water resources management, has organized various water-related activities aiming at facilitating the practicing of the IWRM in a planned way and step by step manner. Closely cooperating with the provincial/river basin water partnerships, GWP China has set up the neutral platform for exchanges and dialogues on the key issues of water resources participated by the representatives from water-related departments such water resources, environment protection, health, energy, urban construction, agriculture and transport and all the stakeholders.

As a part of the GWP network, the GWP China gets the support and guidance from the GWPO and work in accordance with the rules and guidelines set forth by the Headquarters. The GWP China sets up the bridge for the exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries taking the unique advantage of the neutral platform. On the one hand, it learns the advanced and applicable approaches for water resources management including the experiences on legislation, policies, mechanisms, institutions and science and technology from other countries; on the other hand, China's successful experiences on water resources management are shared by the other countries in the world so as to jointly promote the sustainable development of global water resources.

The activities organized by GWP China has contributed to the better management of water resources and add values including the raise of awareness of importance of water and the IWRM, production of influence on the decision-making and policy development on water resources management, promotion of the public and stakeholders’ participation in water resources management and strengthening the cross-sector and the international cooperation.