With the support of the Ministry of Water Resources of China (MWR) and the Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO), GWP China was established in November 2000 and defined a Regional Water Partnership. The Secretariat of GWP China is hosted by the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) in Beijing.

MWR, GWPO and IWHR have provided GWP China with strong support of policy, technology, national and international resources for many years.  Relying on the wide network of partners,  GWP China becomes a mature and active civil society organisation.

GWP China plays a role of active facilitator for the integrated management of water resources with a growing influence. Over nearly twenty years, it has organized a large number of activities focused on key water related issues with the participation of stakeholders from the sector of environmental protection, public health, urban construction, agriculture, transport, and etc.

GWP China has 198 partners, including governmental agencies, scientific research institutes, universities, companies and the civil societies. Similar to the rest 12 Regional Water Partnerships within the network of GWP, GWP China Region has set up 4 provincial water partnerships and 2 river basin partnership, namely,  GWP China Fujian, GWP China Hebei, GWP China Shaanxi, GWP China Yellow River Basin, GWP China Hunan and GWP China Yangtze River Basin.  In 2023, it established two committees, "the Belt and Road Working Committee" and "the Marine Professional Committee."