Vision and Mission

"Water is key to all aspects of development."

Under the vision and mission at the global level, Global Water Partnership China (GWP China) develops its regional vision and mission to support the country to solve the water related problems. By learning from the worldwide, regional and local partnerships, GWP China works out the strategy that aims to tackle major challenges from 2014 to 2020. The strategy, on one hand, generates new ethusiasm to support the country and local areas to better plan and manage their water resources for sustainable and inclusive growth; and on the other hand, faciliates the implementation of the GWP Strategy "Towards 2020" at global level by working with our worldwide network of partnerships.

Vision and Mission of Global Water Partnership China

The GWP China's vision is to promote the IWRM in China and facilitate the realization of the drinking water safety, flood control safety, food security and ecological security and the harmonious development of economy and society.Drinking water safety, flood control safety, food security and ecological security are all related to water resources and therefore can be summed up as "water security". Water security means that water with enough quantity and good quality can be always supplied for the people's life and health, the economic development and the ecological system at present and in the future. The concept of water security indicates that, on the one hand, water serves the human's living and happy life and be efficiently used for the economic development, ecology and environmental protection, and on the other hand water security also includes the management of water disasters such as floods, hill slides, water and soil erosion and water-borne diseases, etc. At the same time, water security is the foundation for poverty alleviation and the social harmony.

The GWP China's mission is to promote the IWRM, facilitate the protection and sustainable development of water resources, adhere to the human-oriented principle and achieve harmonious co-existence between human and nature, popularize and facilitate the implementation of China's Water Law, and promote the exchanges between sectors, organizations, civil societies and people from all walks of life involved in water resources management, the social and public participation and the dialogues as well as the international exchanges and cooperation.