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Water is the source of life and indispensable substance in all lives. Although aware of it, and you might have envisaged the possibility of making, working or contributing something facilitated sustainability of water or other natural resources.

The only problem is that you have never found out an appropriate path accessing it before, and you are apprehensive that most organizations make their websites or publications trended towards insiders or experts, which is keeping you from joining. It’s understandable.  Whereas no guide exists to properly prepare you for competent webinar of GWP cyber community, we have prepared a Q&A list for any neophyte looking to get in on our act.

#1. What is GWPO or GWP network? your role exactly or how do you work?

The Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO) always refers to our organization at global level, or sometimes to the headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.

GWP network has no relevance to any system of interconnected electronic components or circuits. The network, here, refers to an interconnected system of partners with more than 3,000 organisations. Within it, we share aims and values in tackling the sustainable development, management, and use of water resources. By sharing information and experiences, we can draw on each other for advice and assistance.

#2. What does GWP or GWP China do? What is your role?

GWP and GWP China help regions, sub-regions, river basin associations and countries to review and improve their existing water-related rules, but never directly get into making regulations or policies that should be authority of governments.

GWP China has four provincial water partnerships in Hebei, Shaanxi, Fujian and Hunan, and one river basin water partnership by Yellow River.

For instance, in Shaanxi, GWP China Shaanxi has facilitated with the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources for over 10 years as their local ‘think tank’. GWP China Shaanxi conducted a series of studies to analyse the role of groundwater in water resources allocation to strengthen the management of groundwater. The proposed legislation of groundwater management was submitted to the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress for discussion in 2015 and came into force as a legal regulation in April 2016. GWP Shaanxi supports the Shaanxi Water Resources Department to implement it that aims to reduce the area of over-exploited groundwater by 8.5 percent (representing 120 km2) and to cut the average allowable withdrawal by 30 percent before 2020.

#3. How come can GWP China be a regional level partnership?

In the GWP network, GWP China is one of 13 regional water partnerships. It has been defined by the GWPO since 2003. 

Prior to water issues, it’s better to brief geography of China. It has great physical diversity, from eastern plains to southern coasts present in myriad variations such as snow-capped mountains, deep river valleys, broad basins, high plateaus, rolling plains, terraced hills, sandy dunes, etc. Owing to tremendous differences in latitude, longitude, and altitude, the climate of China is extremely diverse, ranging from tropical in the far south to subarctic in the far north and alpine in the higher elevations of the Tibetan Plateau.

Based on such landscapes and climate features, China has various challenges to water resources. Water in China is also affected by human behaviours for it has to afford the largest population in the world.  A growing population and rapid economic development as well as lax environmental oversight have increased water demand and pollution. It must respond by politic, engineering and scientific solutions. Natural and social diversities in China may have as much value in research as a region/continent from perspective of water related issues. GWP China, same as GWPO, GWP Regional Water Partnerships and Country Water Partnerships, is open to all partners regardless of boundaries, gender, age or background, sharing aims and values in tackling the sustainable development, management, and use of water resources.
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