Provincial/River Basin Water Partnerships

GWP China has established the formal partnership cooperation relationship with over 100 water-related institutions and organizations, including the government institutions, civil societies, research institutions and universities. By the end of 2016, we have set up four provincial and one river basin water partnerships, equal to country water partnerships of GWP network as GWP China is recognized as a regional partnership. They are: GWP China Fujian, GWP China Hebei, GWP China Shaanxi, GWP China Yellow River and GWP China Hunan. In 2023, we established two committees, "the Belt and Road Working Committee" and "the Marine Professional Committee."

GWP China Fujian, founded in October 2002;

GWP China Hebei, founded in October 2003;

GWP Chna Shaanxi, founded in June 2004;

GWP China Yellow River Basin, founded in October 2005;

GWP China Hunan, founded in April 2008;

GWP China Yangtze River Basin, founded in December 2018;

The Belt and Road Working Committee, founded in March, 2023;

The Marine Professional Committee of GWP China, founded in March, 2023