GWP China Regional Council

The Council is the highest decision making body of GWP China.

Regional Council meets twice a year to discuss strategic issues, workplan and the budget.

On March 22, 2016, the 3rd GWP China Regional Partners' Meeting was held in Beijing. All delegates of 280 partner organizations participated and elected new management team of our region. Mdm. Cai Qihua was elected as the Chair of GWP China, who is the first lady chair in the region. There are totally 99 council members and among them 33 are standing members; 8 vice chairs and 1 standing vice chair. Prof. Wang Hao was elected as the Standing Vice Chair of GWP China Region and Prof. Jiang Yunzhong as the Executive Secretary of GWP China Region.


(Photos: voting for the 3rd GWP China Regional Council Members on March 22, 2016)