Water and Climate 2017

On the global stage, China has remained a low profile as a late comer in regard of technology, economic development, environmental protection, water and other resources security, climate adaptation. Regardless of the latest adverse impact on the promotion of “the Paris Agreement on Climate Change”, China has kept its promise to the Paris Agreement since it signed in late November of 2016, giving a strong push to the international efforts against global warming.

As one of advocators of water security, GWP China has promoted IWRM, water sustainable development, climate adaptation, etc., for many years under the strategy of GWPO. In China, we have engaged in water resources strategic studies by merging IWRM and products of WACDEP for helping Chinese Government promote development of eco-civilization and moderately prosperous society, national water security and the great cause to rejuvenate the Chinese nation. According to the SDGs in the world and the 13th Five-Year Development Strategy of China, we shall, from the aspect of implementing the Five Development Concept of “innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing" and transforming ideas of water control, management and improvement, facilitate the governments at all level to transform water control, management and improvement ideas, and support sustainable development of economy and society by means of the sustainable use of water resources.

The year of 2017 highlights water resources conservation and protection; focuses on promoting and generating eco-friendly development and living ways; strengthens water resources strategic studies; boosts innovations of water resources management idea, policy, institution and technology;  protects ecological environment, and endeavours to build a beautiful China with picturesque environment and harmonious society, with strategic partner organizations---China Water Power Press, World Resources Institute, Dalian University of Technology Power Press, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Tsinghua University, etc.

The overall objective of programme is to support integration of water and climate in development planning and decision making processes, through enhanced technical and institutional capacity and predictable financing and investments in water security and climate change adaptation.

It involves eight packages (Package 1 to 8). For each package, it has designed activities to support the achievement of its objective. The Programme plans, through those activities in total, to promote better implementation of water security and climate resilience in China.

(click work package name for its designing framework and progress outcome)

Work Package 1: Regional and Transboundary Cooperation

Work Package 2: National and Sector Development Plans

Work Package 3: No/low Regret Investments in Regional and National Development

Work Package 4: Project Preparation and Financing

Work Package 5: Demonstration Projects

Work Package 6: Capacity Development

Work Package 7: Knowledge and Awareness 

Work Package 8: Governance and Fundraising