Work Package 6, 7 and 8

Work Package 6: Capacity Development

Detailed Description:
As the foundation, this package provides capacity for delivering all the other work packages.  By increasing the awareness and understanding of tools, it will support the implementation of the Capacity Building Programme on water security and climate resilience financed by the Capacity Development and Knowledge Network. The capacity development services to safeguard no/low regret investments and integrate these into national development planning processes.

The work package of capacity development works towards the collaboration with the capacity building network for IWRM and the development of capacity building network for China Region.

The primary activities will be establishing consulting advisors group of water and climate security and organizing capacity building and training for partnerships, institutions and stake-holders.

Work Package Outputs:
(1) Set up training modules and tools for implementing the capacity building plan;
(2) Cooperate with Disaster Control Associations and other institutions to develop capacity;
(3) Establish knowledge and technical consulting group for drought and flood management;
(4) Organize the tailored training courses to provide on-going support, including on-the-job support to relevant planners.

Work Package 7: Knowledge and Awareness  

Detailed description:
For the purpose of promoting the application of IWRM for water security and climate resilience, the work package of knowledge and awareness enables GWP China and GWP to be providers of cutting-edge knowledge; upgrade knowledge within the diverse network and to ensure that the network continues to support countries and deliver the implementation of WACDEP.

Work Package Outputs:
(1) Develop case studies in pilot projects;
(2) Set up a toolbox to share knowledge for drought and flood management.

Work Package 8: Governance and Fundraising

Detailed description:
It is planned to strengthen the capacity of the GWP China network to facilitate the WACDEP program, especially with respect to elaborating the project documents, carrying out annual audits of the program and preparing program technical and financial progress reports. With the strong basis of governance and funds, the WACDEP will be more effectively implemented. The better management skills, including monitoring, evaluation and reflection can draw lessons, improve implementation and enhance fundraising for programmes promoting water security and climate resilience.

Work Package Outputs:
(1) Organization of Regional Council and Partners’ meetings;
(2) WACDEP management team and advisors group;
(3) Annual audit of the WACDEP;
(4) More participation in global, regional and national meetings to review and guide programme implementation.