East Asia Summit on Estuary Harnessing, Protection and Management

East Asia Summit (EAS) on Estuary Harnessing, Protection and Management is held on 26-30 August 2019, on the river basin of the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The Pearl River Estuary is one of the beneficiaries for it achieves a balance between natural sustainability and economic development even located in the densely populated area with rapid economic growth.

Countries in the East Asian region bond with each other for they share vast shorelines and numerous estuaries. Suffered from natural hazards, these coastal states have long-time and rich experiences in climate adaptation, disasters control, water security, engineering solutions to coastal erosion and ecosystem prevention along with the development of estuaries or coastal zones.

13th East Asia Summit(2018, Singapore)

Top leaders from the East Asian countries have committed to regional collaborations after organizing the 1st East Asia Summit (EAS) in 2005. Water resources management has always been a priority to the national powers at the summit and all stakeholders in the international communities. Exchanges and communications in water management tools, technical innovation, estuary governance and disaster control have promoted various collaborative programmes in eastern Asia. Cooperation in water resources contributes to the social-economic development of coastal zones, eco and environmental resilience, and regional security. 

Supported by GWP China, GWP SEA and GWPOthe Pearl River Water Resources Commission (PRWRC) of the Ministry of Water Resources of China invites stakeholders to Guangzhou, one of basin municipals in the Pearl River Delta, for sharing practices and innovations in the estuary management, coastal growth and regional collaborations.  The Workshop focuses on groundbreaking thought and sustainable action toward river and estuary related challenges and their impact on the regional environment, health, climate, economic and social sustainability.


  • Role of sci-tech in preventing estuarine & coastal zones from natural hazards
  • Hi-Tech solutions for saltwater intrusion & water supply security in estuaries 
  • Natural based solutions for aquatic environment & ecosystem restoration in estuarine zones 
  • Sustainable infrastructure for the estuarine & coastal growth 
  • Monitoring-evaluating water in estuarine & coastal zones
  • Diversity & inclusion in aquatic landscapes & civilizations of estuarine and coastal zones


  • Pearl River Water Resources Commission (PRWRC), MWR
  • Global Water Partnership China (GWP China)
  • Pearl River Comprehensive Technology and Network Information Center
  • Research Center of Pearl River Estuary and Coastal Engineering Technology, MWR
  • Key Laboratory of the Pearl River Estuarine Dynamics and Associated Process Regulation, MWR
  • China Water Resources Pearl River Planning Surveying & Designing Co., Ltd.


  • 2-day seminar and 1-day field trip

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