GWP China's favourite #WaterAction commitment

GWP’s favourite #WaterAction commitments ahead of #UN2023WaterConference

GWP China has selected SDG 6 Data and Information Service System based on Big Earth Data #SDGAction49795 as its favourite #WaterActionAgenda commitment because big data:

🗸 gives real-time water information
🗸 provides on-demand aggregation
🗸 leads to integration
🗸 makes open sharing and analysis of water resources data possible
🗸 opens up for water-related spatial information products
🗸 leads to data-sharing among the United Nations agencies and member countries

Prof. Yunzhong JIANG, regional coordinator of GWP China quoted a passage from H.E. Mr. Csaba Korosi, President of the 77th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. Mr. Korosi said, "We should solve water problems through solidarity, sustainable development and science".

As an important aspect of scientific and technological innovation, data and information are crucial for the water decision-making. The scale and scope of water-related data are huge as they are collected from the satellite remote sensing air monitoring, hydrological and water ground monitoring, socio-economic statistics, water volume trading numbers, survey and research records. Those information materials are diverse as well.

Big data technology can ensure an effective provision of relevant data and decode them into objective information. Big data processing techniques help people understand the complex interaction between water management system and human social system, as well as the whole development process. Big data is of great significance in supporting #WaterActionAgenda through 'real-time acquisition of water information', 'on-demand aggregation', 'integration', 'open sharing and analysis of water resources data', 'water-related spatial information products', and 'data-sharing among the United Nations agencies and member countries'.

They can serve the monitoring and evaluation of SDG 6.3/SDG 6.4/SDG 6.5/SDG 6.6/SDG 6.b indicators at global, regional and national scales, to solve problems of the lack of methods and data gaps in the monitoring and evaluation of SDG 6 indicators, and to provide scientific decision support for accurate diagnosis and management of regional (including river basin) and national scale water issues.

GWP China regional office has engaged in this commitment since 2020. It has an annual research product sharing SDG 6 data and information analysis upon the big earth data service system.