Improve GWP China Regional Network with Yangtze River

On December 22, 2016, Mr. Wei Shanzhong, the Commissioner of the Yangtze River Commission, Mr. Jia Hujun, Vice Commissioner, Mr. Jin Xingping, Chief Engineer and other leaders of the Commission paid a visit to Mdm. Cai Qihua, Chair of GWP China.

Mr. Wei has worked with Mdm. Cai to remain a healthy Yangtze for many years. Talking to working with GWP China, Mdm  Cai suggested developing jointly technical research on Yangtze River Basin regarding water resources management, ecological protection, resettlement services, economic zones development, etc. Mr. Wei expressed his interest in developing cooperation with GWP China to keep contact with Mdm Cai in another manner. Collaborating with a NGO would have a fresh angle to observe the Yangtze River, Mr. Wei said. Mdm Cai asked Mr. Wei to support the Commission to promote a long and close collaboration with GWP China for learning international knowledge and application to theYangtze River management and also introducing the Yangtze experiences and cases to the world through media of GWP China and GWP network.