Warm Up for 8th World Water Forum

On January 18, 2017, GWP China and other three Asian Water Partnerships were invited to the 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Singapore. It was sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) and organized by the Singapore Water Hub.

GWP China and GWPO attended the summit through remoted connection from Beijing and Stockholm to Singapore. GWP China focused on the thematic discussion on the Regional Process of 8th World Water Forum in 2018 (WWF8)--Sharing Water.

For recent years, GWP China has engaged in the Water and Climate Programme, designing implementation programme of achieving SDGs, ecosystem and water security, water and energy, water and urban, south-south cooperation in Asia, capacity building on the IWRM, overall involvement of stakeholders at regional, country and local levels and promotion of youth and women groups participation in water management, forming a wider contact of GWP China with different sectors and organizations. Some close international organizations in China also showed their interests in potential activities at the WWF8 of GWP China.

Before the event, GWP China listed its interested topics of the WWF8, including "climate science and water management: the communication between science and decision/policy making "under theme “CLIMATE”; "water for energy" theme “DEVELOPMENT”; "water and cities" under “URBAN"; "involving all" under “SHARING” and "enhancing education and capacity building" & "international cooperation" under “CAPACITY”. During the discussion, it was agreed to have GWPO as thematic coordinator of URBAN. On behalf of GWPO, François Brikké' agreed to lead the theme and co-lead the theme of GOVERNANCE.

GWP China has expressed its willingness of co-organizing one or two topic session(s) under the theme of URBAN or/and GOVERNANCE to present regional outcomes of GWP to all governments and international colleagues at the WWF8 stage in 2018.