Water Development in Mountain Counties

In June 2020, the Ministry of Water Resources sent an expert team to Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, to explore water development regarding science and technology in mountain areas. Prof Yunzhong Jiang, regional coordinator of GWP China, was one of the professional advisors.

The group visited Xide County and Yuexi County of Liangshan Prefecture to conduct an on-the-spot investigation. They inspected the flood control project of the Jituo section of SunShui River in Xide County, the gas shield dam of Yuexi River in Yuexi County, and the rural drinking water safety project of Heping Village in Zhongsuo. 

Communications with local authorities

They had in-depth discussions with water-related sectors of the two counties to work out various measures for assistance.  Acknowledging demands of the two counties, the technical support team managed to help formulate  water resources planning, drinking water safety planning, and soil and water conservation regulations for the 14th-five-year-plan. In addition, experts will be assigned to provide scientific and technological support in flood control, soil and water conservation, drinking water safety, water quality purification, and Shuimei rural ecological environment transformation. Prof Jiang is leading the support to the authority to draft the local water development strategy based on the 14th-five-year master plan.   

Yuexi Water Bureau

(cover photo: Yuexi County, one of the mountain areas in Sichuan Province)