New Vietnam Water Law’s in relating to Organization of river basin management

In Vietnam, there are two kinds of RBO; 1) The Management Board of River basin Planning (MBRBP), established and managed by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in a period from 1999-2001 in compliance with Law on Water Resources 1998. 2) The Committee for Environmental Protection of River Basin (CEPRB), established and also managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) during the time 2009-2010.

These 2 kinds of RBO (MBRBP and CEPRB) are not efficiently operated and some reasons, such as roles and functions are not clear, no power, or overlapping with the existing administrative systems in term of function etc and so far, no any RBO are established under new Law on Water Resources (LWR) 2012.

New LWR 2012 has identified that water resources management should be implemented in river basin basic, however, LWR 2012 does not specify any specific type of RBO that will be identify by a Decree issued by the Government of Vietnam (this kind Decree is being prepared by MONRE). MONRE will deal with the preparation of Decree (issued by the Government) and guidelines (issued by MONRE) under the LWR 2012 in order to apply the Law into practice.

VNWP of Vietnam, during the process of drafting the Law on Water Resources –LWR (2008-2011) has organized in cooperation with some NGOs  the workshops  to contribute to the contents of LWR (Oct. 2010, May 2011). Main contents that VNWP contributed to LWR, namely are:- IWRM should be recognized as backbone approach for water resources management in country;  the participation of communities and stakeholders are important factors for a transparent water resources development and management; and water resources management should be implemented in a basin river basic with establishment of RBOs.

LWR was endorsed by National Assembly of Vietnam in June 2012 has reflected all the comments proposed by VNWP at some different levels (IWRM, RBO and participation of stakeholders).