Regional Workshop on WRM Financing

Nine countries of Southeast Asia sit together in a workshop to share and discussed about water financing in region.This workshop took place in Yangon, Myanmar on 3rd October 2013.

The goals of the workshop are to understand the financing frameworks for water resources management and development, to generate information regarding the level of public investments for WRM initiatives, and to propose potential financing schemes and mechanisms to increase the level of WRM financing.

The  nine  countries, Canbodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand  and  Vietnam, presented  deep  description  regarding the  above  mentioned  matter  based  on  country  studies  and  national  workshops  carried  out  in 2012. 

The financial and human resource capacities are both of great strategic importance for Southeast Asia’s water resources management and for ensuring robust institutional arrangement, the technical and professional competency, and for the planning and decision making process.

Some  international and  regional  institutions  were invited. Three of  them, NARBO/ Japan Water  Forum, IUCN  and  Aquajaring/ Capnet had  responded  positively  and  sent  their  representatives. They  had  given  useful  presentations  regardng  their  organization and  possible  field  and  form  of  cooperation  with  GWP-SEA.