Forum on National Water Security

On 22 March, 2016, GWP China hosted the Forum on National Water Security in Beijing.

GWP China invited experts and partners to the forum sharing knowledge on national water security after the Regional Partners' Meeting on the same day.

The address of Mr. Jiao Yong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, opened the forum. Mdm. Cai, Chair of GWP China, delivered a keynote speech firstly proposing “ecological sponge river basin” concept. She combined sponge and ecology into the integrated development of river basin, elaborating from the aspect of theory, technical structure and development strategies.

Regarding the theme, six experts from various sectors presented their case studies to participants.  Prof. Wang Hao, Standing Vice Chair of GWP China, went through his “Dualistic Water Cycle Model: Nature & Society” and its application in Hai River Basin. Other five experts introduced their cases from perspective of river basin ecosystem protection, flood management, ecological restoration, water security challenges and strategies and integrated management of the Yangtze River basin.

Mdm. Cai chaired the forum and invited the participants to interact with the speakers. In her conclusion, she reviewed the key points of all presentations and shared farther development plans of GWP China with participants. The organization will retain its strength in impact on policies, partners’ network, knowledge sharing, international cooperation and institutional operation.  Plus, it will work towards a think tank rendering as an innovative, initiative, systematic and coordinative platform to convene talents and knowledge products.