MoU between GWP China and Other Three Asian Regional Water Partnerships

On May 13, 2016, the MoU was signed between GWP China and other three Asian Regional Water Partnerships under the witness of all GWP family members in Stockholm, Sweden.

As one of follow-ups of the South-South Cooperation Programme initiated by the first workshop organized by GWP China and GWPO in December, 2015, GWP China, GWP South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia and Caucasus signed the MoU during the Regional Days of GWP 2016 in Stockholm. The event was chaired by Rudolph Cleveringa, Executive Secretary, GWPO, he expressed his hope on the further development of South-South Cooperation based upon the joint efforts of the four Asian RWPs.

Authorized by Mdm. Cai Qihua, Chair of GWP China, Prof. Jiang Yunzhong, Regional Executive Secretary of GWP China signed the MoU on behalf of GWP China with the Chairs of GWP Southeast Asia and Central Asia as well as the Regional Coordinator of GWP South Asia. The document commitment is seemed to bring together the four Asian RWPs to collaborate more closely in a manner of a team. Asian RWPs would hence be able to present themselves as "ONE ASIA" in all the international fora.

In the form of the MoU, the collaboration framework is developed to contain further topics of shared interests, e.g. climate resilience, disaster risk reduction, SDGs, urban water management, etc. for the years to come and for implementing a common work programme. According to the MoU, the collaborative activities among these four regions will be identified and incorporated in the regional 3-year (2017-2019) work programmes.

After the discussion based upon the MoU, it was decided to have an activity at the upcoming Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) in July, 2016 and have a workshop on “Innovative Urban Water Management". GWP SEA would host it with joint efforts of their Singapore partners to have a side event at SIWW.