Act Towards SDGs in China

On December 21, 2016, the China Sustainable Development Association organized the 5th Partners’ Meeting in Beijing.

Mr. Nanping Xu, Vice Minister of Science and Technology (MOST), attended and addressed to the meeting.  Mr Xu said, the China’s Development Strategy of Innovative Pilot Communities under the 2030 SDGs Agenda, is a challenging start to us. The Association is expected to be involved in the further study and promotion.

Delegates of partner organizations voted for the 5th Council of the Association. Prof Hao WANG, Standing Vice Chair of GWP China, was elected as Chair of the 5th Council.  The Association was under the Administrative Centre for China’s Agenda 21 of the MOST. It pursues ways and approaches balancing comprehensive and multi-level development of economy, society and environment by means of technological innovation and promotes sustainable development in China.  

Together with Prof Wang, Prof Yunzhong Jiang, GWP China Secretary General, attended the meeting. They met with the Vice Minister and key leaders of the Association to discuss the cooperation between GWP China and the Association to promote the 2030 SDGs Agenda in China by linking strength of Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Science and Technology.