Communications Workshop 2016

On November 21 and 25, 2016, the Communications Workshop 2016 of Global Water Partnership Organization and Regional Partnerships was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The week-training was mainly targeting at the instalment of new version of GWP and GWP Regional websites. The Communications team of GWPO and designing company Sublime trained the communications officers of all regional partnerships. 

For better preparation for the training, GWPO and RWP communications team spent much of this year laying the strategic foundation of the new site  by looking at target audiences, ‘personas’, structure, key word tagging, new content, etc. The training was conducted along with some adjustment of new website structure and menus designing.  The trainees worked on their regional websites during the training week by refining structures and links, uploading new pages and editing images etc. The new version was expected to be launched in mid-January 2017.

During the training, a guest speaker, Erik Halkjaer who is a freelance reporter focused on development issues was invited to give an inspirational talk to show his multiple cool use of digital media achieving communication objectives.  According to Erik, good photo is one of keys for media mobilization which only needs some simple description on photo for an easy understanding of web-readers. As telling a story, the most acceptable way is to tell readers how water can influence their life and how water can change their life or behaviour through individual words or story.  By posting it on website, it is the one tell his/her story related to water.  In addition, it can also engage other media to the individuals to find their personal interest related to water, or what benefit/lose is to their personal life if they do/do not something related to water or climate change. The new Resource Mobilization Officer, Nicolas Delaunay, prepared a presentation to elaborate the communications team about the concept, importance, application and strategic tools of resources mobilization.