Study on Water Sustainable Development of Min River

On December 6 and 9, 2016, 'the Study on Water Sustainable Development of Min River' led by Prof Yunzhong Jiang, Secretary General of GWP China was held in Sichuan Province.

The study team worked on hydropower programmes, wetlands, irrigation areas and urban water systems of the Upper and Middle streams on Min River.

Prof. Jiang and his team members met with leaders and engineers of Dujiangyan Water Administration, Dong Feng Irrigation Administration, Chengdu Water Authority and Sichuan Provincial Department of Water Resources. The study team discussed water management issues with the stakeholders. The study report analysed the challenges and possible solutions, including water allocation, water use competition and water demand forecasting. Prof Jiang added an element of the ecological protection of water sustainability. He advocated a certain amount of water resources kept for ecological balance of water flows.

(Photo: Prof Jiang and his team were discussing research results with related authorities.)