Water and Energy Sustainable Development Forum

On December 21, 2016, the Water and Energy Sustainable Development Forum was held in Beijing. One of GWP China’s close partners, China Water & Power Press, organized the event. GWP China has helped it for designing, organizing and implementing the event, thus, was invited to be joint organizer.

Prof Hao WANG, Standing Vice Chair of GWP China, made a keynote speech on behalf of GWP China. Prof Wang pointed out that China is seriously short of water and energy resources and challenged by heavy waste of pollution and uneven water distribution of space. The coordinated development of water and energy strategy should be given priority to the development of clean energy under a professional top-level design integrating water and energy. Second, it should fulfil strict management of water and energy development and utilization. The promotion of clean technologies, crafts, facilities and products in production and consumption can control any pollution from its source. Last, it should also guide energy consumption and then make price- guided consumption to develop water and energy oriented consumption.

The forum was formed by three topics, including "water and energy sustainable development strategy", "ecological development and energy exploitation", "economic value of water and energy and financial innovation". Regarding the topics, participants discussed opportunities of water and energy sustainable development; industrial development strategy based on side reform of demand and supply; development strategy of new, green and low-carbon energies; innovation model combining technology and finance as well as industry and capital.

(Photo:Prof Wang, Standing Vice Chair of GWP China, made keynote speech at the Forum)