Water Development and Environment Progress Promotion in Henan Province

On December 24 and 25, 2016, at the invitation of Henan Water Conservancy Investment Group Co. Ltd, Prof Hao Wang, Standing Vice Chair of GWP China and Prof Yunzhong Jiang, GWP China Secretary General visited Pingyu County and Zhengzhou City to conduct evaluation on local integrated water and environment management projects.

Prof Wang and Prof Jiang were accompanied by leaders of the Group, Mr Sen Wang, Board chair; Mr Siqing Lin, General Manager and Mr Qingli Wang, Deputy General Manager, etc.

In Pingyu County, the County Mayor and other local leaders introduced their pilot programmes targetting river pollution, wastes treatment and wetland reservation. Prof Wang said, water pollution control should be given priority to the pollution source(s). Later the research group visited Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan Province. Mr. Fuping Yang, Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou City, and other leaders from the Department of Water Resources, Department of Environment Protection and Development and Reform Commission as well as City Development Administration, reported water related programmes in Zhengzhou and raised their questions concerning governance. Reflecting on them, Prof Wang and Prof Jiang expressed their comments and suggestion. In their views, the main challenge to urban water is the non-point pollution due to heavy flood, atmospheric dust, domestic and industrial wastes as well as the storage and reuse of treated waste water. The water and river management should be included into the city comprehensive plan. Mayor Yang expressed his gratitude to Prof Wang and Prof Jiang for their contribution. He would also invite them to visit Henan for further capacity building of the city leaders and officials regarding water development and environment progress.