GWP Annual Conference on Achievements, Lessons and Planning

On May 9-12, 2017, GWP China, together with other 12 regions gathered for Regional Days in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Secretary General, Prof Yunzhong JIANG, led Ms. Daidi ZHANG who was appointed as the Regional Finance Officer lately and Ms. Yilin MA who is the Regional Communica-tions Officer, visiting the GWPO Secretariat and met with other regional colleagues during the Re-gional Days meetings.

Prior to the assembly meetings, the GWPO Finance Sector designed a two-day training to help Daidi better adapt to her role. The finance group, from Head to Senior Officers, made the training efficient and effective by reviewing key knowledge of financial management systems and operation rules, analyzing and discussing case studies. After being tested the training effect, Daidi was approved by the GWPO and involved into another professional sector. Parallel to the finance, the Communica-tions Working Session was organized by the GWPO Communications Sector, reviewing and discussing lessons learned between Regional Communications Officers and GWPO. Together with other coun-terparts, GWP China presented regional highlights in terms of knowledge sharing, communications, network development and lessons learned from last May to this April. And the latest Chinese UN World Water Development Report (UN-WWDR) is one of knowledge sharing results of China Region. With the trust of UN and China Water Power Press, GWP China has been accepted as authoritative in interpreting the UN-WWDR into Chinese. The joint strengths of GWP China and China Water Power Press have retained quality and authority of Chinese version for the UN-WWDR.

Unlike before, GWPO prepared this annual conference in an earlier phase.  Each role at regional sec-retariat must bring his/her ‘homework’ to Stockholm for sharing with counterparts. The meeting was proceeded in three groups, Chair & Coordinator, Communications Officer and Finance Officer, after 15-minute assembly at the first regional day.  Different roles from regions with their unique regional function came across a common topic ‘implementation challenges’, and resulted with diverse stand-points on these challenges to governance, finance, communications and knowledge management and resource mobilization. Facilitator/Sector Lead and regional demonstrative of each operational team shared conversation highpoints with the assembly on behalf of the group of Chair/Coordinator, Communications and Finance, correspondingly.

In addition to exchanges, the Regional Days, in other words, the annual conference provides all with a systematic view on current and on-going matters in the network, and planning for the year ahead. 2017 scripts the commencement of 3-Year Implementation Strategy (2017-19) of GWP at global, re-gional and country level.  We are also on midway through the journey “Towards 2020 Strategy”.

In routine, GWP’s Network Meeting was held and broadcast live on Facebook instantly next the an-nual event, and hosted by GWP Chair Oyun Sanjaasuren and Executive Secretary Rudolph Cleverin-ga. “At GWP, we realize that all our work now has to be focused on alignment towards SDG imple-mentation. Agenda 2030 is very comprehensive, but the challenges we face globally are very com-plex and therefore the plan must be comprehensive. The nature of the agenda also demands a completely new approach to how we do things, we need an integrated and holistic approach," said Dr. Sanjaasuren in her address. The recording of the Network Meeting remains available on Face-book.

GWP China discussed with GWPO management team during the Regional Days.