GWP China Hunan Shares Water Efficiency With Teenagers

For the National Science Days(Sept 21-22), GWP China Hunan convened provincial partners to share diverse water saving related technologies and games with school students in Changsha, Hunan Province.

September 20, 2023, sponsored by Hunan Provincial Department of Water Resources, GWP China Hunan launched a water-saving science popularization promotion activity with the theme of "cherishing a drop of water and promoting growth through technology" at Donglanwan Primary School in Shazitang, Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province. It was also jointly supported by Hunan Provincial Water Conservancy Society, Hunan Provincial Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Science, Shazitang Donglanwan Primary School, Changsha University of Technology, Hunan Provincial Water Conservation Office, and the Youth League Association of Hunan Provincial Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Science.

                                                                     Campaign Organizers

The theme of the "National Science Days 2023" is "Raising Public Awareness of Science, Engaging Tech Development". Hunan Province addresses 'water efficiency for science dissemination' as one of themes with promotion campaigns for students.

Yesterday, the water-saving publicity corridor was set up at the event site in the campus, attracting a large number of students to observe and learn. Volunteers distributed water-saving promotional materials and water-saving cultural and creative gifts to students.

                                                                         Thematic  Lecture

During the science popularization lecture, Xu Xingyi, a senior engineer at the Hunan Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Science, introduced water control stories from ancient and modern times, as well as the severe water shortage situation facing the world. She shared various water-saving tips in daily life, allowing the audience to have a firsthand understanding of the importance of water-saving and cultivate good habits of water-saving.


In the award-winning Q&A exchange, the host conducted on-site questions to the children, deepening their knowledge of the role of water, festivals related to water, water management celebrities, and water-saving tips in daily life through interaction. The students handed up highly to for Q&A . In this campaign, young volunteers, young volunteers from Changsha University of Technology, demonstrated interesting experiments such as the Rainbow Rain Experiment and the bouncing bubbles, giving everyone a deeper understanding of the physical and chemical properties of water and the "what water is". Finally, the Director of Science and Technology and Foreign Cooperation at the Hunan Provincial Department of Water Resources delivered an important speech to Xuejian, fully recognizing the significance of this science popularization activity and advocating that everyone should become promoters, practitioners, and supervisors of water conservation.

More than 120 people participated in this event, and the atmosphere at the event was lively and interesting. The effect of the event was very obvious. The teachers and students expressed that they had not only learned water-saving knowledge but also strengthened their water-saving awareness. As one of the theme activities of the "National Science Popularization Day" in 2023, this water-saving science popularization promotion activity is mainly aimed at primary school students, which is conducive to enhancing students' water-saving awareness and cultivating good water-saving habits. Through the "small family leading everyone" approach, it promotes the formation of a strong atmosphere of water-saving, loving, and protecting water in the whole society, and helps to build a water-saving society in the province.