Schoolchildren Study Tour in Yellow River Physical Model Test Base

In occasion of the International Children's Day, the study tour was kicked off in the Physical Model Yellow River, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, on May 27, 2024, opening the National Science Week activity series.

50 schoolboys and girls from the Yellow River Conservancy Commission Primary School and Kangping Primary School participated in the activity that was co-hosted by the GWP China Yellow River and the Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research(YRIHR).

                                                                Physical Model Yellow River  

Established in 1992, the Physical Model Yellow River (test base) has been used to simulate natural processes of the Yellow River towards the first hand data to apply in the management of the actual river. Since 2014, the test base has played a role of sharing river management technologies and practices with pupils in the Yellow River Basin, visited by 300-600 students per year.

                                                              8 Little Tutors & 50 Visitors

In the Downstream Yellow River Model Hall, coached by Liu Yan, YRIHR Senior Engineer, 8 little volunteers (seven years old) from the Yellow River Conservancy Commission Primary School introduced their peers about Yellow River's geography, history, and culture, etc. Along Q&A with little visitors, Dr. Liu Yan explained the value of flood forecast experiment on the downstream Yellow River and its role in the formulation of the flood control plan for the Yellow River flood control department.

                                              Arsenic Sandstone Dissolution Experiment

Dr. Zhang Qiufen, YRIHR, guided students in the Soil and Water Loss Experiment Hall. She explained the cause of soil and water loss, and different types of soil erosion. With experimental equipment, she showed the stimulated precipitation process. She invited teenagers to join arsenic sandstone dissolution experiments that enabled students to understand how arsenic sandstone changed from hard solid to mud by encountering with water. It helped little visitors get risks and challenges of soil and water loss in the Loess Plateau and value of protection process in the Yellow River Basin.

To ensure the best effect of the study tour, the doctors from the YRIHR prepared a training for little volunteers in advance. Through the precious opportunity to visit the physical model, the students have deepened their understanding about the Yellow River. The tour exposed the students to the science world, by experiencing the scientific spirit of the researchers, they have realized their responsibilities to protect the mother river.