2015 GWP Regional Days Meeting

From November 22 to 25, 2015, the GWP’s Regional Days Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The delegation of the GWP China participated in all activities and discussions. 

During the Meeting, GWP China introduced its outputs, outcomes and lessons learnt in the implementation of activities of 2015 in China to other representatives of GWP Regional Water Partnerships. As requested by the GWPO, along with other regional water partnerships, GWP China was invited on the stage to answer the question "How will the region engage with the development agenda in delivering GWP’s Towards 2020 strategy?" stating the plan of implementing GWP China’s strategy at all levels and also its collaboration plan with GWPO and other GWP regional/country water partnerships.

The group discussions during the Regional Days among all participants also involved, "Progress review 2015: achievements and lessons learned", "Partners, CWPs, RWPs – Challenges & ways for strengthening", "GWP Strategic positioning, incl. SDGs & Mobilizing Resources", "GWP programme: thematic perspectives, contributing to achieving SDGs", "Knowledge Management in GWP" and "Allies, Strategic partners, Boundary actors and the 2017-19 Work Programme".