Annual Working Meeting of GWP China Secretariats

On November 9, 2015, theGWP China Secretariat organized a working meeting in Jiangxi Province. The representatives of secretariats of Regional, Provincial and River Basin Water Partnerships convened in Jiangxi reviewing the 2015 work progress and discussing the implementation of 2016 plans.

The GWP China Regional Coordinator, Rugang Zheng chaired the meeting. Firstly, he summarized the outcomes of implementing the 2015 activities of GWP China Region and released the work plan of 2016 at the regional level, and the  participants of provincial/river basin water partnership secretariats presented their planned  activities in 2016. The implementation of progammes under the framework of "Water, Climate and Development Programme", "SDG-Water", "Youth Strategy and Gender Strategy" were also discussed based upon the current status, planned activities, budget and expected outcomes in 2016. The 'world cafe' style was introduced to the discussion for brainstorming from participants regarding the future development of GWP China network at both regional and provincial levels. It was reflected with positive feedbacks afterwards. The discussion involved further positioning and building of public image of the Organization, network development, cooperation with governments and NGOs, case study development and etc. The interaction also encouraged participants to present problems or issues encountered in their work and enabled them to exchange ideas towards effective solutions.