Forum on Water Resources Optimization in Hebei Province

On December 2-3, 2015, GWP China Hebei organized the “Forum on Water Resources Optimization” in Langfang, Hebei Provinces.  It was jointly organized by GWP China Hebei, GWP China, Hebei Provincial Department of Water Resources and Hebei Provincial Association of Elder Scientists.

The forum involved the water resources optimization plan of Hebei Province for the purpose of the better implementation of Water Law, Water Pollution Prevention Law, Water and Soil Conservation Law, Environment Protection Law and Water Use Permit Regulations to cover all water related legal framework and policies to conduct an integrated management of water resources at legal level.

The discussion was resulted with several proposals for optimizing water planning in Hebei Province, including a comprehensive planning, water saving and efficient use, ecosystem-friendly projects, and inter-regional development among Beijing & Tianjin Municipalities and Hebei Province.