GWP China at World Water Week 2015

The Stockholm World Water Week 2015 will be taken place in Sweden throughout the week 23-28 August, 2015. This year marks a 25-year anniversary of the event, which is organised by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The theme of the year is “Water and Development”.

GWP China joints hand with the WRI China and WWF China on the first day of the week, together organizing a workshop “How to Secure Water and Energy amidst Rapid Urbanization” (Sunday 09:00-10:30 FH 307). The workshop will focus on conflicts between water and energy are intensified in China due to rapid increases in water and energy demand associated with the rapid urbanization currently. Such conflicts are also intensified because decision-makers ignored the inter-linkages between water and energy.  In the workshop, we shall deliver cases from WRI, GWP, WWF and other research institutes on the water-energy nexus in an urban context. Both public and private sectors will share their perspectives on managing water-energy dynamics in an urban setting, and the implications for sustainable urban development.

Other highlight over the week is the launch of a new publication “China’s Water Resources Management Challenge: The Three Red Lines”, which is one of series Technical Focus Papers of GWP. The Paper was completed early this year and will debut during the week. The launch of the Paper from GWP China, along with presenting new – and older – publications will take place at the GWP booth at the venue, where GWP staff will be present all week for information and guidance on GWP matters.


The full programme for the Workshop of“How to Secure Water and Energy amidst Rapid Urbanization” at the World Water Week is available online.  We are looking forward to your participation.