Survey on Transboundary Water Management

From November 4 to 5, 2015, GWP China Secretariat, in cooperation with GWP China Hebei and Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, with the support of Zhang River Administration that governs all issues related to Zhang River running cross Hebei Province and Henan Province, visited She County of Hebei Province and Linzhou County of Henan Province to get to know how they deal with the challenges of water shortage they faced due to climate change, including water use conflict, integrated  use of  different water resources and harmonious development between water resources and local eco-society.

The survey was designed under the WACDEP Package 1: Regional and Transboundary Cooperation.She County and Linzhou County are located in the upper reach of their common river—Zhang River that is a transboundary river and its upper reach crosses Hebei Province, Henan Province and Shanxi Province. Before 1993, the most intensive water use conflict was triggered between She County and Linzhou County mainly due to water scarcity. By the conciliation of Zhang River Administration, the water use conflict has been alleviated for more than two decades. The investigation team visited counties, discussed with the local authorities and the farmers who experienced water use conflicts, collected first-hand materials. The survey results will be managed to report to the related governmental decision-makers as references in their further planning of transboundary water resources management.