Workshop on Water Conservation and Promotion of Water-saving Society Building in Hunan Province

On December 7, 2015, the workshop was organized by GWP China Hunan in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.

The GWP China Regional Coordinator, Rugang Zheng, addressed to the workshop. And GWP China Hunan Deputy Executive Secretary, Guiyuan Li, chaired the meeting.

The leaders from the Hunan Provincial Water Resources Department, professors of Hunan University and Hunan Science & Technology University, the representatives of utilities and other related stakeholders were invited to the workshop. The presentations covered the urban water management, GIS and water information system in water saving development and others regarding the building of saving- water society in Hunan province.

In the free discussion, the participants and representatives from Hunan Provincial and local departments exchanged their ideas on challenges, prospects and further proposals of water resources management.  For dealing with the challenges to the water function zones and further development, one of working priorities of next year would be drainage outlet improvement with optimized monitoring system and water quality evaluation mechanism in the water functions zones; and another would be legitimate tools for protecting Xiangjiang River Basin and its headwater areas.