Technical Resources

GWP China's activities such as the high-level roundtables, fora, workshops, on-site dialogues, thematic programmes and investigations were organized for inviting the stakeholders from the water resources, environmental protection, public health, urban construction, agriculture and transport sectors to exchange ideas on such key issues in the area of water resources management and also for publicizing the water management knowledge and extending the influences. The IWRM knowledge, SDGs promotion, and other related concepts can be fostered and disseminated through means of our technical papers, translation products, the GWP China's Newsletter, etc.


  • China's Water Resources Management Challenge: The Three Red Lines

    The Technical Focus Papers (TFP) from GWP China region is "China's Water Resources Management Challenge: The three red lines", which was completed through the cooperation between GWP China Regional Techinal Committee, GWP Technical Committee, Center for Asia-Pacific Water Security in Tsinghua University and Renmin University, and launched in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015.


  • Translation Products

    #4: Integrated Water Management (Chinese Version) 《全球水伙伴技术委员会技术文件水资源综合管理》


    #14: The Economic Value of Moving Toward A More Water Secure World (Chinese Version) 《全球水伙伴技术委员会技术文件水管理、水安全与应对气候变化:早期影响和必要响应》


    #16 Integrated Urban Water Management (Chinese Version)《全球水伙伴技术委员会技术文件城市水资源综合管理》

    #18 Water Management, Water Security and Climate Change Adaptation (Chinese Version) 《全球水伙伴技术委员会技术文件水安全的经济价值》