Water and Hydropower Development in China

It is a mandatory trend in China to develop hydropower. The key issues and solutions are concentrating on a sustainable development of hydropower resources with less damage to ecosystem, which can act as a unique part in the development of renewable resources of China as well as in the economic and social progress of river basins and regions.

On May 11, 2015, the first activity focused on“Water and Energy Development in China”. The invited experts/representatives were from the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Environmental Protection,   State Energy Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences , China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, HSBC Holdings plc, The Nature Conservancy, The Energy Foundation and National Research Center for Sustainable Hydropower Development. Regarding the topic, the participants discussed the balance between hydropower projects development and river basin ecosystem protection as well as the pressure on local water use due to hydropower development in the local areas.


After the first event, the organizors, GWP China,the World Resources Institute (WRI) China, the WWF China and the IUCN China,summarized the highlights of the discussion and composed the "Water Salon Insights" as one of outcomes of this campaign.


The full version of "Water Salon Insights" is available to read here. It is open to hear your voices.