2016 GWP PANASIA Workshop

The 2016 GWP PANASIA Workshop was organized by GWP SEA and hosted by Singapore PUB in Singapore from July 14 to 15, 2016.

This workshop focuses on “Innovative Urban Water Management in Asia” that is organized further to a decision that was taken by the GWP PAN ASIA event that was held in Guangzhou, China, in December 2015, and that was about Flood Management.

The main objective of this workshop is to take stock of innovative approaches on urban water management that exist in each of the four Asian Regions (Central Asia, China, South Asia and South East Asia), with a special attention on four areas: water governance, equitable water supply and sanitation systems, effective wastewater management, storm water and flood management.

During the workshop, two presentations were delivered by participants from GWP China Region under the two areas. One was “management and efficient use of water resources in China” presented by Ms Xiong Ying, Technical Director of China Union Engineering that is one of the partners of GWP China; and another was “Urban Storm and Sponge Cities in China” by Mr. Zheng Rugang, GWP China Regional Coordinator.

The event plays as a platform for stakeholders to exchange their understanding and practices of “Integrated Urban Water Management” with case studies coming from various cities in the world and a special emphasis on four Asian regions.

Furthermore, it’s also an opportunity to highlight potential areas of collaboration and interests of project proposals development.  On the last day of the workshop, the delegates from the four Asian regions also reviewed on-going and other potential Pan Asian key activities and events.