2016 GWP China Chair and Vice Chairs’ Working Meeting

On December 27, 2016, the Chair and Vice Chairs’ Working Meeting was taken place in Beijing.

Chaired by Mdm Qihua Cai, Chair of GWP China., the meeting convened chair, standing vice chair and vice chairs of the 3rd Council of GWP China after the Partners' Meeting in March of 2016.

Standing Vice Chair is Prof Hao Wang and Vice Chairs are Mdm  Meiyan Jiao, Deputy Director General of the China Meteorological Administration; Prof Shangfu Kuang, President of the IWHR; Dr Jianhua Ma, Vice Commissioner of Yangtze River Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources; Prof Maolin Su, Chair of GWP China Yellow River; Prof Jianyun Zhang, President of Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute; Prof Chunhong Hu, Vice President of the IWHR and Prof Quansheng Ge, Director of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China Academy of Sciences.

Prof Yunzhong Jiang, GWP China Secretary General, led GWP China Regional Secretariat Team to report the annual work progress of 2016 and work plan of 2017. The listeners were impressed by activities achievements of GWP China. They held that GWP China has played a progressively key role in promoting regional and inter-regional water management.

Each participant expressed their hopes on GWP China in 2017 from further strengthening partnerships, capacity building, knowledge and experience sharing to activity forms. Their comments and advices have been summarized and facilitated for implementing GWP China 2017 Plan.

As institutional development, it’s suggested promoting partnership building by adding Yangtze River Commission as another river basin water partnership. As for communications and knowledge sharing, it’s advised producing annual water study report to decision-makers, technical publications, professional journal and launching water resources reward under the GWP China name.  As for activities, it’s advocated organizing a water resources forum annually for interaction between different sectors to influence key sectors and enhance reputation of GWP China. As capacity building, it’s proposed further developing Secretariat working team.  The partner fee was also mentioned in the discussion. According to the Statute, this issue should be discussed by the Council and approved by all partners at the next Partners’ Meeting.