Working Together for Sustainable Development Goals

GWP China and the World Resources Institute (WRI) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on March 2, 2017, in Beijing. Mdm Qihua CAI, Chair of GWP China, Prof. Yunzhong JIANG, Secretary General and the Secretariat officers visited WRI's office where had the MOU signing ceremony.

The host organization was led by Mr Manish BAPNA, Executive Vice President of WRI, together with Dr. Lailai LI, China Country Director of WRI, Dr. Lijin ZHONG,China Water Lead and Senior Associate of WRI China and her team members.

It was the first meeting of two leader. Before an in-depth discussion between Mdm Cai and Mr Bapna about the further cooperation plans, Mr Bapna made an introduction of WRI's network at the global level and its research progress in China. The past cooperation was highly remarked by the joinly activities, i.e. water salon, side-event of the 2015 World Water Week, etc. To a next step, he suggested both organizations promoting baseline water stress and its applications; completing research on integrated river basin management and water security, water and energy, water economy and water rights trade. Based upon some workout, the two parties can draft policy recommendations to the key administrative agencies of water management based on various activities that profits sustainable development and use of water resources in China. Beyond China, GWP China and WRI can also package research products and implementation outcomes by virtue of respective advantages of international network that benefits other regions or countries, promoting SDGs and South-South Cooperation. "Since GWP is a global organization and WRI is a global organization as well, it can share the learning from China with other parts of the world and wise people. Both are looking to an engagement in Africa, maybe we can think about China-Africa exchanges in ways that can be rewarded", he said.

Mdm Cai felt confident in further cooperation. In addition to approval of his proposed cooperation, Mdm Cai initiated that two sides should improve outcomes by raising influence on related fields or stakeholders. The two organizations would target at major national and international water events and design diversified types of exchange activity that will be more influential and attractive to the public.

Both sides, under the MOU framework, make greater contribution to sustainable development and use of water resources in China; and always service to smart operation of global resources and a water secured world.

On behalf of respective organizations, Mdm Cai and Mr Bapna signed the five-year cooperation framework. The MOU helps GWP China and WRI sort out a clear list of cooperation areas, including 'China baseline water stress and its applications for cross-sectoral analysis and policies';'China’s roadmap towards water goals of SDGs';'role of water strategy and water resource management in China’s development'; 'China’s water economy and water rights allocation';'energy and water resources management in China; 'ecological sponge river basins development in China', etc. Both parties will achieve their shared commitment to the sustainable development and use of water resources in China and the world with the support of GWPO in Sweden and that of WRI Headquarter in the US.

The written commitment was resulted with a jointly event taken place in the World Water Week in August, 2017. The two sides will present audiences practical lessons by applying Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) in waste management of China’s cities towards circular economy, and further achievement of the SDGs.

Participants of the ceremony from two organizations

(Top image: Mdm Cai and Mr Bapna)