GWP China Fujian

GWP China Fujian was set up in October, 2002, with the host institution of Fujian Provincial Water Department. Its governance structure consists of its Council and Secretariat.

The principles and values of the GWP China Fujian are to support governments at all levels, relevant departments and water users for sustainable management of water resources by means of public participation, equal consultation, academic exchanges in order to promote the pursuit of resources sharing, security of water consumption and sustainable development of society and economy. As an organization at provincial level, the GWP China Fujian is neutral, open, fair, volunteer, non-profit and non-governmental consisting of water sectors and the other pertinent departments and organizations.

The GWP China Fujian organizes different types of activities, including workshops, dialogues, on-site visit, investigation, research and drafting of cases of Toolbox. All its activities are conducted applying IWRM principles, Dublin Statement and with participation of women.