GWP China Hebei

Global Water Partnership China Hebei, abbreviation: GWP China Hebei. It was founded in October 2003 and since then has been played as a network which promotes IWRM and sustainable use of water resources.

GWP China Hebei is an academic, provincial and non-profit social organization consisting of corporates, public institutions and social organizations that support sustainable utilization of water resources in Hebei Province and pay attention to water resources strategies.

Address of the Secretariat:
GWP China Hebei's Secretariat address: Hebei Hydrographic Bureau, No. 75 Jianhua South Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei. (050031)

Time of Establishment: GWP China Hebei was founded in October, 2003

Brief History:
After GWP China was founded in November 2000, GWP China Hebei was founded in 2003. GWP China Hebei has been defined by GWP China as a provincial level partner, with its Secretariat being Hebei Water Resources Society. Three Partner Conventions have been held in 2007, 2011 and 2016 respectively, with the first, second and third Board of Directors being selected.

Founder: Hebei Water Resources Society

The chair of first and second councils of GWP China Hebei is Zhiqiang LI, the former Director of Hebei Water Resources Department; the third is Jianyi LIANG, the former Inspector of Hebei Water Resources Department.

Internal Governance:
Partner representatives to elect the Council. Since the third Partner Representative Convention, an Executive Council has been set as the decision-making body, with a Secretariat under it as the administration and execution body. The Technology Committee, the technological support body, consists of experts hired by the Executive Council.

Main Works:
1) Organize and conduct investigation and research on key difficult and hotly discussed water related topics;
2) To facilitate the promotion and advertise on concept of holistic management on water resources by introducing and disseminating advanced water resources regulation concepts and best practices at both home and abroad;
3) To assist related authorities in making, improving and implementing strategies, plans and policies of holistic water resources management;
4) To deepen and expand partnership, galvanize communication and cooperation with water resources management related departments and organizations, and encourage more public involvement and dialogues;
5) To conduct academic seminars, advertise on water resources holistic management concept and practical technologies of GWP, provide water resources management authorities with decision-making basis, and offer knowledge and tools to research population and the public.

Academic meetings



No. of participants

Forum on Low Carbon Economy and Scientific Usage of Water




High Level Forum on Development and Management of Water Environment in Cities




High Level Forum on Holistic Management and Effective Utilization of Water Resources




Hebei Provincial Seminar on Climate Change and Flood Control & Disaster Alleviation and Turning Rain and Flood into Resources




Academic Forum on Development of Water Ecological Culture that is Adaptive to Climate Change




Academic Forum on Coordinative Development of Water Ecological Culture in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei




Academic Forum on Building Water Safety Assurance System





Role and Effects:
The organization has long been committed to enhancing holistic management and sustainable utilization of water resources in Hebei, promoting public involvement, cooperation and communication, and assisting government authorities in a slew of highly effective tasks. Based on difficult and repeatedly debated issues of water resources management in Hebei, GWP China Hebei regards promoting holistic water resources management, coping with severe challenges arising with climate changes, enhancing knowledge sharing and communication, and building a more effective network as the key missions, and is actively building an exchange and cooperation platform for holistic management on water resources, advertising on the concept of holistic management of water resources, achieving remarkable social benefits and accumulating great experience.

Key Publications and Survey Reports:
(1) Publications
Selected Papers on Low Carbon Economy and Scientific Usage of Water;
Lectures on Safe Power Generation Operation during Flood Seasons
(2) Survey Reports
Role of Reservoir Dam in Regional Development, Investigation Report on Implementation of Water Law;
Investigation Report on Accelerating the Building of Provincial Water Safety Assurance System to Achieve the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020);
Investigation Report on Coordinative Development of Water Ecological Civilization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area

Author: Prof Zhenci XU, Secretary General of GWP China Hebei