GWP China Yangtze River Basin

GWP China Yangtze River was founded in December, 2018, to convene all members to promote the Water Law of the PRC in accordance with the Constitution of the PRC.

Global Water Partnership China Yangtze River Basin Partnership (GWP China Yangtze River) is an international social organization that aims to promote centralized management of Yangtze River’s water resources, so as to cope with flood threats of Yangtze River (Changjiang), coordinate water supply and demand relations, prevent water pollution, and achieve sustainable development of society and economy in the Yangtze River basin and related areas.

Secretariat Address
Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute,  Wuhan, Hubei Province

Time of Establishment
GWP China Yangtze River was founded on December 8, 2018.

Brief History
GWP China Yangtze River is a river basin level partnership of GWP China. GWP Yangtze River is the second river basin partnership of GWP worldwide after Yellow River, with its Secretariat in International Cooperation and Science & Technology Department of the Yangtze River (Changjiang) Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources of China. 

Yangtze River (Changjiang) Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources of China

Partner representatives elect the Council/Steering Committee of GWP China Yangtze River Basin Partnership. The Council is the policy-making body that instructs work of the Secretariat and cooperation with Network partners. The Secretariat under it is the administration and execution body, in charge of daily work.

Main Works
(1) To implement national guiding principles and policies relating to regulation, development and protection of Yangtze River and Water Law of People’s Republic of China;
(2) To join hands with Water Partners and other entities, groups, experts, related personnel, and water users who are willing to contribute to sustainable utilization of water resources, and conduct all kinds of seminars revolving around Water Partners to promote flood control and disaster reduction in the basin area, holistic management of water resources and build a water conservation society;
(3) To attract involvement from water related entities/departments, conduct research on flood control and disaster reduction within the basin area and development, utilization and management of water resources, and promote water environment protection and water safety;
(4) To conduct international people-to-people academic exchanges, and advertise on successful experiences of development, utilization and management of water resources of Yangtze River;
(5) To give full play to the advantages of Water Partners, and serve for governments of all levels, related entities/departments and the public.

Role and Influence
The organization has been uniting with all Partners, holding the principle of people-oriented, and trying to achieve the target of harmony between people and nature and maintaining healthy life of Yangtze River. Through wide public involvement, consultation on an equal footing, and academic exchanges, GWP Yangtze River attempts to enhance the society’s consciousness of water, promote management and protection of water resources in the River basin area, and facilitate reasonable development, effective utilization and scientific management of water resources in the basin. It is serving for governments of all levels, water related departments and water users, and contributing to Yangtze River development and protection, and socially and economically sustainable development in the basin area. It is actively conducting research and academic exchanges relating to Yangtze River regulation and development. It has disseminated knowledge on water conservation, promoted the transfer from scientific research results to actual productivity, and made remarkable achievements in academic exchanges, knowledge advertising, technical survey, talent fostering, etc. A good academic environment has been created in Yellow River basin and inland rivers areas in Northwest China. It has made great contribution to the progress and development of water conservation science and technologies and achieving the targets of healthy life of Yangtze River, and created wide positive influences across the society.

GWP China Yangtze River Basin Partnership