2nd year students of the University of Dschang trained on IWRM

From the 4th to the 8th of December 2015, GWP-CAf had offered a course on the module entitled “Water and Socio-Economic Development” (LPEE 233) to 2nd year students of the School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Dschang , the Ebolowa Branch in South Region of Cameroon.

This activity is related to GWP-CAf strategic goal n°2: “Generate and communicate knowledge” developed in the implementation of the collaborative partnership established since 2007 between Global Water Partnership Central Africa with the University of Dschang, and thus oriented towards providing technical support in the delivery of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) related courses.

Within 5 days, 65 out of 77 students attended the lectures which were organized and articulated on Definition of keys terms; introduction to IWRM, IWRM concept and principles, importance of monitoring water resources and river basins, Water and Environment, Economics and financing of water supply/virtual water concept as well as  the Concept and implementation of participation.

Daily participation rate of the students stood at is about 87%. The students were quite disciplined and are led by a class “delegate”.

This year, the delivery of this course included the final evaluation on the 9th of the December. Students were provided with some theoretical material and the course presentations in soft versions.

This activity had a positive echo that certain national higher education institution like the University of Buea and the National Advanced School of Civil Engineering, which already have courses related to IWRM, have indicated their willingness to collaborate with the GWP-CAf.

It ‘is important to note that, since 2014, on the invitation of the School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources, GWP CAf has been facilitating the delivery of this course on “Water and Socio-Economic Development.