New President for the Technical and Scientific Committee of CWP-Central Africa Republic (PNE-RCA)

The Central Africa Republic Country Water Partnership (CWP Central Africa Republic) has designated a new Chair for its Technical and Scientific Committee.

The new chair, Dr. Foto Bienvenue Armand Eric is a Water and Environmental Chemistry engineer from the Central African Republic.

Dr. FOTO Bienvenue Eric

Dr. Foto Bienvenue has a rich experience in IWRM, metrology, environment, radiation protection, hydrochemistry and Isotopic Hydrology working with UNESCO, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and CICOS as a project coordinator, focal point and expert respectively. His expertise coupled with his new role is expected to strengthen the scientific and technical content of activities of CWP Central Africa Republic and also the alignment with the work of GWP-CAf Technical and Scientific Committee.

Speaking on his aspirations as the new president of the Technical and Science Committee for the CWP, Dr. Foto Bienvenue said, “Political will and skill, combined with proactive and visionary leadership, can bring divergent interests together, integrate scientific understanding into policy-making and negotiate socially acceptable trade-offs. CWP Central Africa Republic can help the country's government design and implement effective policies and build consensus leading to positive outcomes. Improving water security is key to finding new paths to sustainable development and we plan to put in place a strategy that will lead to the implementation of new water resource management tools based on existing documents.”

The author of twelve scientific publications on WASH, water monitoring, waste water treatment and IWRM joined GWP-CAf as the president of the Technical Committee of CWP Central Africa Republic in May 2020.