GWP-CAf Reinforces the Finance Management Capacity of RECOJAC

GWP-CAf offered a training to the finance team of RECOJAC (Réseau Eau et Climat des Organisations de Jeunes d'Afrique Centrale) with a focus on grants management and justification.

After receiving funds from UNESCO for an upcoming project, the Youth Network RECOJAC solicited the support of the finance department of GWP-CAf to strengthen the capacity of its finance team in grant management.   

The training which was done by the finance officer and assistant of GWP-CAf, took place in the GWP-CAf secretariat conference room with four members of the operational team of RECOJAC in attendance. The training was mostly conversational with finance tips sharing, Do’s and Don’ts in grant management, justification of funds to donors, finance reporting  with question/ answer sessions in between.

As part of its 2020 workplan and GWP's strategy 2020 2025,  GWP-CAf is committed to strenghtening the capacity of the youth network in the region so it can reach its full potential while mobilising youths for GWP-CAf's vision of a water secure Central Africa.