Central African Republic CWP signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry in Charge of Water, CAR

The Central African Republic country water partnership (CWP-CAR) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the country’s Ministry in Charge of Water to facilitate collaboration between the two parties, to jointly promote the development and management of water resources through planning for and implementation of IWRM in the country.

Under this MoU, the Directorate General of Hydraulics will be the focal department for CWP Central Africa Republic on all technical aspects.

The ministry in charge of water committed to;

  • Involve CWP-CAR in the planning, design, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of the national water policy and strategies,
  • entrust CWP-CAR with the implementation of certain capacity building activities for actors in the water sector,
  • support CWP-CAR by advocating for the mobilization of necessary resources to achieve set objectives.

For its part, the CWP-CAR committed to;

  • Support the planning, design, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of national water policy and strategies,
  • provide expertise for capacity building of water sector stakeholders, contribute to the implementation of management tools and decision support instruments, 
  • create and boost mechanisms for information exchange and experience sharing on water,
  • facilitate  the mobilization of funds for the water sector through the setting up of development projects and programs ,
  • support the development of the water sector's capacity to manage water resources and the development of water resources management.

Responding to the question of what this MoU means for the Country Water Partnership, the Chair of CWP Central Africa Republic, Mr. Rodrique Yakende said, “We are very excited to  engage in this agreement. This MoU reinvigorates the collaboration between CWP-CAR and the ministry for a better and more resilient management and governance of water resources in the country".

 The MoU between CWP Central African Repubic and the ministry of water is a step towards strengthening the Country Water Partnership’s institutional capacity, a major objective of GWP. The signed MoU has a 3-year duration period and is renewable