GWP-Cmr hosts the 13th Session of its Steering Committee Meeting

Global Water Partnership Cameroon (GWP-Cmr) held the 13th and first ever virtual session of its Steering Committee meeting on July 3rd , 2020.

The meeting which was facilitated by GWP-CAf and chaired by the  Chair of GWP-Cmr, Mr. Mamoudou Ousman had as agenda to; recap on last year’s activities, review the implementation status of the recommendations made during the last session, review the proposed committee statement on the NGO status of GWP-Cmr, present GWPs new strategy 2020-2025 and the WACDEP-G program, and finally to discuss the Country Water Partnership's 2020 workplan.

The session opened with a word from Mr. Mamoudou Ousman during which he expressed that though the circumstances aren’t the same as a result of the current global health crisis, he is optimistic that the discussions will be fruitful and set objectives, attained. He also highlighted the new Non -Governmental (NGO) status of GWP-Cmr as he congratulated the entire team for making it possible. 

GWP-Cmr President, Mr. Mamoudou Ousman presiding over the 13th Steering Committee Meeting

After the opening speech, the Regional Coordinator of GWP-CAf , Mr. Hycinth Banseka presented the GWP’s new strategy 2020-2025 to the steering committee and later , the WACDEP-G program which GWP-Cmr will be implementing. He highlighted areas in the strategy where the steering committee can provide support such as involving the private sector and growing the partner database. For the WACDEP-G program, Mr. Banseka pointed out that GWP-Cmr was chosen to implement this program because it has demonstrated a strong institutional capacity through competence in project management and has also conducted outstanding studies in the field of gender and water. Mr. Hycinth Banseka ended the presentation with a call to the steering committee members to bring on board partners like the UN Women (Cameroon Office), Ministry of the Promotion of the Woman and the Family (MINPROFF) amongst others to support the WACDEP-G team.

After the presentation of the implementation status of last meeting’s recommendations, some members proposed solutions to problem areas and recommended that for uncompleted tasks, a reason why and a propose solution be given to ensure completion. All members acknowledged the new NGO status with a vibrant applause and expressed their expectations of greater things to come under this new status. Some inconsistencies in the ministerial decree establishing the NGO status for the CWP were addressed as well.

Executive Secretary of GWP-Cmr, Murielle Elouga

For this year’s workplan, the question of whether resources are available to carry out the workplan was raised to which the executive secretary of GWP-Cmr, Murielle Elouga responded that because most of the activities are continuous projects from last year, they will require minimal funding. She also added that human resources are available through institutional support to GWP-Cmr like; HR support from GWP-CAf, the steering committee’s assistance in the process of establishing the administrative and financial procedure manual for GWP-Cmr and the Scientific and Technical Committee’s support to ongoing projects.

Family Photo with all members of the GWP-Cmr Steering Commitee

The meeting ended on a high note with a promise by all members to commit and use their network/ position where necessary to support GWP-Cmr attain set objectives. They also appreciated the virtual experience noting that it wasn’t quite different from the usual physical meeting. In his closing remarks, the chair of GWP-Cmr, Mr. Mamoudou Ousman assured members that all recommendations made will be taken into due consideration and he expressed gratitude to all members for taking part in the first of its kind steering committee meeting.