CWP Republic of Congo (CWP-Congo) Now Accredited

The Republic of Congo Country Water Partnership (CWP Congo) has been accredited by the Executive Secretary of Global Water Partnership, Monika Weber-Fahr. The accreditation letter which was signed on June 12, 2020 makes CWP Congo the 4th CWP to be accredited within the GWP-CAf Network.

The accreditation process began in 2018 with a decision from  the General Assembly of CWP Congo to accredit the CWP in order to strengthen its institutional capacity as a means of facilitating activities with partners and donors. This decision led to a two year documentation process with the support of GWP-CAf which came to an end with the submission of the required accreditation documents to GWPO for approval by the president of GWP-CAf, Mr. Sylvain Guebanda in May 2020.

Created in 2008 in Brazzaville with the mission to promote Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Congo, CWP Congo is today a major actor in supporting the Congolese Government in IWRM so that it contributes more to the socio-economic development of the country. Since its creation, CWP Congo has actively executed different activities within the GWP work plan like monitoring the implementation of SDG 6.5.1 ,assembling actors in the water sector and sharing knowledge on IWRM all in a bit to implement a concrete IWRM strategy in the country.

Under the leadership of its chair, Mr Herve Didas Amboulou, the recently accredited CWP can now benefit from the advantages of being an accredited CWP within the GWP network including, the use of the GWP logo.