GWP-Congo Elects the Pioneer members of its Technical and Scientific Committee

To further strengthen its institutional capacity, GWP-Congo has operationalized its Technical and Scientific Committee. The pioneer members of the committee were voted in during a meeting held on October 2nd, 2020 in Brazzaville

 The decision to set up a Techinical committee follows the accreditation of the Country Water Partnership in June 2020. The members were unanimously chosen by the members of the CWP’s Steering Committee following a secret ballot election during which all interested candidates provided more insights to their skills set and perspectives. After deliberations, Mrs. KIELE MBEMBA was elected chair of the five member Technical Committee, while Dr. Jean Bienvenu DINGA,a teacher/researcher, will occupy the position of Vice-Chair, and Mr. Daniel TSATOU, a sociologist, will be the rapporteur.

 Who is Dr. Kiele Molingo?

Dr. Kiélé Molingo MBEMBA is a Congolese Professor with a rich experience in IWRM, environment and radiation protection (IAEA-International Atomic Energy Agency focal point of the Faculty of Science and Technology).

Dr. Kiélé Molingo MBEMBA

 She is the national representative of Chemists without Borders, a network that operates mainly in the field of water, sanitation, agriculture and education. She was recently admitted as a lecturer at the Cames, session 2020.  Dr. Kiélé Molingo MBEMBA's teaching focuses on environmental chemistry, sustainable management of water resources, waste and soil treatment. She has also led numerous research projects and scientific publications on waste water treatment and solid waste recovery in collaboration with industrialists.

Speaking on her vision as Chair of the GWP-Congo Technical Committee, Dr. Kiélé Molingo MBEMBA said: "Water is a major concern, particularly in African countries, and its proper management is not only a duty for governments but for every citizen who must adopt the right behavior to ensure the sustainability of the resource. Thus, it is necessary to integrate scientific and technical understanding to drive effective policies to improve water security. For this, we must turn to multidisciplinary and integrated management, which must include the fight against climate change, promoting proper solid waste management and sanitation. All these topics are important to consider in order to achieve sustainable development in the water sector in the Republic of Congo".

The Technical Committee of the GWP-Congo has the mission to ;

- reflect on and make recommendations on emerging issues that have an impact on the integrated management of water resources;

- facilitate and support the development and implementation of programs, projects, work plans;

- prepare sessions of the General Assembly of Partners of GWP-Congo in collaboration with the Chair of the Steering Committee and the Executive Secretary;

- support the Executive Secretariat of GWP-Congo in the preparation of Terms of Reference for consultants;

- approve the reports of thematic studies carried out by the consultants;

- prepare activity report and ensure it is adopted by the Steering Committee;

- represent GWP-Congo in scientific and technical meetings.

The meeting ended with a congratulatory message from the Chair of GWP-Congo, Mr. Hervé Didas AMBOULOU, to the members of the Technical Committee during which he urged  them to commit to the mission of GWP-Congo which is to ensure water security in the Republic of Congo.


 The Technical and Scientific committee (TEC) is an advisory body that deals with prospective surveys, lessons learned and quality assurance for all program strategies and each CWP within the GWP network must have one.