Adaptation Fund approves the concept note for the IWRM and EWS project for climate resilience in the Lake Chad Basin

The concept note for the “Integrated Water Resource Management and Early Warning System for Climate Resilience in the Lake Chad Basin” project, has been approved by the Adaptation fund.

This approval follows a stakeholder consultation workshop held in February 2022 during which participants made contributions to the draft concept note before submission to the Adaptation Fund. Since 2016, the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) in collaboration with GWP-Central Africa and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has been working on the IWRM and EWS system project, whose pre-concept note was approved by the Adaptation Fund in 2021.

The IWRM and EWS project aims to strengthen climate resilience in the Lake Chad Basin, promote better management of water resources within the basin and reduce the impacts of climate-related risks like flooding.  So far, the project has been keen on inclusiveness, the second IWRM principle with users within the basin actively involved in the project development to ensure that proposed solutions are tailored to their needs.

WMO, LCBC and GWP are fully engaged in the full proposal development process. This includes a deeper analysis of the beneficiaries’ needs including consultation within the 5 countries, for an environmental & social impact assessment of the project.