GWP-Central African Republic appoints a new Chair

Following a unanimous decision of the steering committee of the Central African Republic Country Water Partnership (CWP CAR), the Director General of Water Resources, Mr. Barnabé FALIBA, was appointed chair of GWP-CAR, with Madam Yvette NDONGA as the vice chair.

This change in administration is one of the major outcomes of the extraordinary steering committee meeting, which was held in the conference room of the Ministry of Water Resources on July 22, 2023. The meeting, which was organized by CWP-CAR, had as its objective to discuss priority action areas of the CWP, validate the appointnt of new steering committee members, and discuss other administrative matters that will push the CWP forward. The steering committee meeting follows a General Assembly of CWP-Central Africa partners, which was held on July 21st in Bangui.

General Assembly of Partners

During this meeting, over forty partners, including technical and financial partners (UNICEF, WWF CAR), discussed the main achievements of the CWP in 2022. They also deliberated on how to contribute to the country’s National IWRM plan, effect administrative changes within the CWP, finalize the CWP’s action plan for the second half of 2023, as well as the progress made on two of the CWP’s main ongoing projects: the Global Water Leadership in a Changing Climate (GWL) Programme and the GCF Country Readiness Programme. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the General Assembly, the regional chair, Mr. Sylvain Guebanda, urged participants "to build on these achievements in recent years by maintaining this momentum" and "double efforts by mobilizing more strategic partnerships, capturing and sharing more knowledge, and catalyzing policy change." After the presentation of the annual activity and financial report, it was agreed that strategic partnerships be formed with organizations specializing in Biodiversity and Desertification.

Mr. Crésus Hammer Kodongo, GWL RCA Project Manager, briefed partners on the progress of the GWL program, which aims to bridge the gap between WASH and IWRM in a changing climate. Mr. Blaise Bertrand Nzanga, Coordinator of the Readiness Program, gave an update on the country’s second GCF Readiness Program. For his part, the Chairman of CWP’s Scientific Committee, Mr. Eric Foto, recalled the strategic objective of the country’s National IWRM Action Plan, which contributes to the operationalization of specific objectives in the national water policy. Following the presentations and according to administrative procedures, the partners proceeded to elect new members of the various colleges on the CWP’s Steering committee.

The new members of the GWP-CAR steering committee include:

College of Administration: Mr. Barnabé FALIBAI (Director General of Water Resources)

Madam Lucrèce Zangakpioue (Ministry of Gender Promotion)

College of Water Commercialization: Emaus Azouyema (SODECA)

College of Academic Institutions: Joseph Désiré NOUIDEMONA (Geography Department, Bangui University)

Media College: Bienvenu GBELO (REJEAC)

Civil Society College: Parfait Désiré Zoga

College of Women: Yvette Ndonga (OFCA/FNPEC)

Youth College: Herbert NABIA MBOROU (RJDDC)