GWP Policy on Partners

A GWP Partner embraces the cross-sectoral range of civil society organisations, private sector actors, and government bodies that have a bearing on the sustainable management of water resources, and is committed to an integrated approach.

Partners make up the multi-stakeholder network that works together towards improving water resources management. For instance, the work that GWP carries out involves actors in agriculture, law, industry, education, environment, community water users, mining, human resource development, gender equality, and so on.

Please read the GWP Policy on Partners to learn more about the benefits and obligations of being a GWP Partner.


GWP's core values unite the Partners and are paramount to pursuing its mission.

One important requirement for membership is that Partners agree to adhere to the core values. GWP Partners, and all GWP entities, agree to strive for inclusiveness, openness, transparency, accountability, respect, gender sensitivity, and solidarity. These are our core values. GWP expects all Partners to apply them, bringing together as wide a group of stakeholders as possible in fulfilment of our mission.

The values underpin meaningful dialogue among people with different interests and mindsets, and strengthen GWP's neutral stance and credibility. Solidarity is at the heart of GWP's development endeavours and is essential to our commitment to the poor and disadvantaged.