Young Professional Programme (YPP)

The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is an opportunity to learn and develop the potential of young women and men in Central Africa as future international leaders in water resources.

The GWP Youth Strategy, which has been developed and integrated into global and regional programmes and activities, aims to increase the participation of young people as key partners in the GWP network to strengthen their awareness and develop their skills for a sustainable future. Thus, through the partnership with the Réseau Eau et Climat d'Organisation Jeunesse d'Afrique Centrale (RECOJAC), a regional platform working in the field of Water and Climate launched on 16 November 2017 in Cameroon, GWP-CAf ensures continuity and excellence in the field of sustainable water resources management in Central Africa.

As part of this development program, candidates receive mentoring and technical support from experts from the CWPs and GWP-CAf. Young Professionals work as a collective unit across Central Africa, exchanging lessons, experiences and successful approaches.